Banquet halls are in demand these days as the number of functions and the reasons to celebrate are increasing. Be it for weddings, receptions, business parties, birthday parties, corporate events or simple meetings, the ambience of the hall is of prominence. You could easily find a banquet hall with desired spacing, features and arrangements at the desired location. But there are certain other specialties that you could enjoy only on Rooftops.

Rooftop means abundance of fresh air. You wouldn’t have to suffocate in a stiflingly hot banquet hall with lack of ventilation. With the breeze tossing and playing with your hair, admit it! There is something about the wind on your face. It’s an amazing soaring feeling.

Rooftop ensures that no toxins linger in the air. For instance, among the tremendous efforts taken to decorate a banquet hall, flowers constitute a major portion. These flowers are almost always treated with chemicals to keep them fresh. These chemicals remain in the closed banquet hall while we inhale them unknowingly.

Whether your florist use chemicals or not, be assured that the toxins do not linger and you wouldn’t inhale them as long as they are in an open space; like rooftops!

Blessed are those who celebrate beneath the stars, smelling the flowers and watching the shrubs and trees, for they know that the most beautiful decorations are those bestowed upon us by nature.

Once you have experienced what a rooftop could offer, you could never settle for anything less. For, only rooftops offer you the moon and the stars. No chandeliers could surpass the beauty of those shards of silver strewn across the sky.