About Us

With over 20 years, The Picasso Restaurant has been the Best Restaurant in Malad and Goregaon for welcoming its guests to enjoy its contemporary Indian cuisine, warm hospitality, and unparalleled service. In your chaotic lifestyle and erratic schedules, Picasso strives in giving you a quality and fun time with your family and friends. Sharing time with your loved ones on the same table over a course of the meal became a long lost and to revive this trend, we ventured into this industry. “The Picasso Restaurant” resides in the heart of the flourishing land of Goregaon  Link Road, Opposite Bangur Nagar and Vasant Galaxy; the two most posh and densely populated areas in Goregaon and Malad West. A spectacular dining experience with delightful and mouth-watering food, that makes it a sweet and everlasting memory altogether.

Our committed and skilled chefs with different culinary experiences reinterpret Indian dishes by adding a unique taste to the menu which comprises of Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, and Jain Delights. These factors make us the Best Restaurant in Malad and Goregaon West, complemented by flavors of North India, China, and Seafood, all in a menu of luscious recipes that bring a beautiful and tranquil smile on your face.

Apart from serving some lip smacking and finger licking food, The Picasso has also given a huge space for two souls to come together.


Picasso also houses Banquet Hall in Malad and Goregaon for you to plan your events here. An elegantly decorated hall with all the arrangements to fit in all your guests is intricately designed for a life long experience. A place that is suitable for all types of events, ranging from birthday parties to weddings to small family gatherings to a corporate event. Visit Picasso Banquets with your crazy gang, awesome family or your company’s potential boss and experience a new definition of hospitality.

“The Picasso Restaurant” is at your service, welcomes you to enjoy and relish the taste of Authentic Indian food all days of the week from 12:00 pm to 11:30 pm.”